Educationnel enivrement in DRC

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The democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) education System is played by low coverage and poor quality.

3.5 million children of primary school age are not in school, and of those who do attend ; 44 percent start school late ; after the age of six.« Every child has the right to go to school and learn » Education affers children a ladder out of poverty and path to a promising future. But, in the Democratic Republique of Congo ( DRC) nearly 7 million children aged 5 to 17 are out of school.

The economic caused by the fall in raw material costs. The political fragility resulting from the up surge of social crises and other naturel lisasters have not allowed the DRC to achieve universal primary education of 6years.

This situation is exacerboted by the non-applicationof thefree school, however, decreed by the Government. The majority of direct and indirect expenses related to the Schooling of children are borne by the parents. Including school operating Costs and teacher bonuses that are not in the official system or are paid late.

In 2019 the new president of DRC Felix Antoinne TSHISEKEDI annoced the community that as every child has the right to go school and learn has said that all primary school means 6 years are free, but, after some monthes like the demonstration from teachers and all these things are bring children to don’t have good education because ever those teachers who are paired are saying that money which they are getting from the governement are insufficient. And all these things are amang Roots of war in North Kivu province here in DRC. Because after our reseach we have found out that the repeted war in North Kivu province are nooted by unalphatisation , poverty, land conflit, trubalism and so, on. And this has many consequences Such as : – Using youth to find the army group. -Marriage pregnacy. -High birth rate. That is why some N.G.O like UNICEF, PNUD, UNESCO,…Some school in DRC.Due to COVID19 the education System’s resilence to respond to this issue ( covid-19) through the development of contigency plans at regional and school levels, the dissemination of COVID-19 prevention spots and messages ; and capitalization of multimedia platforms to improve teach in distance training.

In late the UNICEF office in DRC receved a GPE grant of some money ( US$ 70.000 to support the ministry of education and the government in planning their responce to the pandemic. Some things like three strategic objetives are stated in the sector plan including : 1. promote an equitable education system for growth and employment by : – provioling all children with free primary education. – Preparing the gradual extension of basic education to 8 years. – Adapting learning to promote social integration of young people. 2. Create on environment that boots quality education systems by developing monitoring assurance mechanisms, 3. Development an education environment conducive to quality learning which is enabled by the provision of learning materials and equipment for students and trainings for teachers improve transparency and effciency of governance and management of the sector by : Establishing standars and transparent mechanisms for the management of resources, Enhancing efficient and equitable managment at all levels through improved organization of partnership, decentration, and community involvement in the sector.

*MDF of the Great Center oflanguages G.C.L

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